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Are you looking for information on the disease Diabetes? DiabetesHelpChannel.com is a dedicated portal to provide authentic information on Diabetes and the sympoms, treatment, diet, complications and so on. The articles on this site are prepared by doctors and other experts who have first hand experience with Diabetes. However, just like any other sources, you should not apply any recommendations without consulting a doctor directly. The case of each patient would be different and the information provided here may not be applicable for all in the same way. Always take medical advice directly from a doctor.

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100 facts on diabetes

This article will help you to get info on diabetes and its 100 facts, you can get 100 facts on diabetes, what is diabetes, howmany types of diabetes are there, what are the main reason for diabetes, how diabetes affects other, how to avoid diabetes, tips for preventing diabetes. Do's and Dont's for diabetes,Health and fitness for diabetes, natural cure for diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus- The Silent Epidemic!

The complications arising from diabetes can be successfully checked in time with yoga as well as alternative herbal treatment; therefore a diabetic person can also lead a healthy life. Natural herbs do miracles in controlling diabetes.

Diabetes: How to Treat it Naturally?

It can be concluded that a person afflicted with diabetes can lead a normal and healthy life by adding natural cures with yoga and physical exercises in one’s daily routine.By regular exercise, a diabetic patient can brings sugar level down easily.

Mental Health and Diabetes

Functioning of our body is controlled by brain. Both are inter-related to each other. Our organs improper functioning may lead to malfunctioning of our brain. Similarly, diabetes and our mental health are related to each other. As diabetes is a chronic and long lasting disease, it may lead to any kind of mental diseases like depression, dementia or many others.

All that you need to know about Diabetes

Living with the diabetes is very easy if you are aware of all information related to this metabolic disorder. This disease is gradually become very common in the modern human society mainly because of the life style and diet mismanagement. Here all possible information are stated in this article.

Diabetes mellitus, a bane of the advancing world

Diabetes mellitus, the cause, pathology, complications, management and prevention - A medical perspective. Chronic diseases are often difficult to treat and effective prevention and management is perhaps the best option. Read on to find the guide to knowing more about Diabetes with the medi-lingo simplified for all to understand and comprehend.

What is Prediabetes?

In the course of development of every disease, there is a transition phase between health and disease. Such phase in case of diabetes is commonly known as prediabetes. Identification of the prediabetes is important in order to spot the disease in its initial stage and control this before the its complete appearance. A prediabetic can revert to normal if proper care is done.

Foods rich in Fat which are supportive for Diabetes Patients

Intake of fat leads to obesity. Those people who have tendency to get obese are more susceptible to develop diabetes mellitus in comparison to normal people. But intake of good fat which is rich in omega fatty acids are beneficial as they are needed to maintain proper functioning of our nervous and hormonal system.

Exercises and Yoga help in Controlling of Blood Sugar in Diabetes Mellitus Patients

Exercise and yoga play very significant role in treatment of Diabetes mellitus. Mild exercise increases sensitivity of the cells towards insulin which induces intake of glucose by the cells. Yoga helps in making nervous system calm and also helps in maintaining hormonal system. Both yoga and exercise also help in burning calories.

Dietary fat heals Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus has a well known relationship with the obesity which is caused due to accumulation of excess fat in the body. But selective use of fat is always helpful in the maintenance of glucose level in the blood. Intake of good quality fat and low amount of simple carbohydrates is favorable combo as fat releases sugar slowly in the blood.

Almond: A Hypoglycemic for Diabetes Mellitus Patients

To control the blood sugar level, diabetic patients have to be very selective in the food intake. They should prefer natural food which can reduce blood sugar level or those which releases sugar into the blood very slowly. Some natural foods are also helpful in inducing insulin sensitivity in the cells. Almond is one of the most preferable food for diabetic patents.

Natural treatment of Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy is one of the most common complications. It is caused due to long term hyperglycemia. In this condition, peripheral sensations are decreased due to degeneration of sensory neurons of the distal parts of the body like extremities.

Some myths and facts about Diabetes

As the diabetes is the most prevalent disease, it is necessary to educate ourselves with the right facts about it. If we will arm ourselves with the right information, then only we can help our children to control the disease. However, internet has a lot of information, but it is not always correct, so here are some facts that will help you in combating the diabetes disease.

Homeopathic Treatment of Diabetes

Homeopathy is based on the constitution based system of treatment. Diabetes is a constitutional disease, so taking homeopathic treatment for the diabetes is always beneficial. Homeopathic medicines are natural so they never cause any side effect as well.

Natural Cure For Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic hormonal disease which can be controlled with the help of certain naturally occurring substances. They are simply natural herbs which can either reduce blood sugar level or reduce risk of diabetes or increase sensitivity of the cells for insulin. So, a person can live easily with diabetes.

How to control diabetes in elderly people

Treating diabetes in elderly patients is always been a problem for the doctors as well as for the family members. It requires many factors including lifestyle change to have a check on the diabetes symptoms and changing a lifestyle is not so easy for the aged people. However, if other family members will motivate them with care and some useful tips are followed then it becomes quite easy to live a healthy life at old age also. Let us have a look to these tips.

Know about Type I Diabetes or Juvenile Diabetes

This diabetes is also known as Type I diabetes or IDDM (Insulin Dependent Diabetes). This type of diabetes occurs in early stage of life usually in young people. It is caused due to destruction of insulin secreting cells of pancreas. Insulin is needed for entry of glucose in the skeletal muscles. Due to insulin deficiency, skeletal muscles can't utilize glucose which results in increased blood glucose.

Get rid of Type 2 Diabetes by using these Magic Foods

In diabetes prevention and management, role of healthy eating is always ascertained. Latest researches have revealed that nuts, brown rice, fruits, fish, green leafy vegetables, and exercise are extremely helpful in curing type 2 diabetes. If you are also suffering from this disease then switch over to these ‘healthy foods’ to get rid of type 2 diabetes.

Taking care of Diabetes everyday

As diabetes is characterized by high blood sugar level, it is very necessary to control sugar level of blood for a person living with diabetes. This can be easily done by controlling diet, taking insulin, diabetic pills and exercise. With the help of above, a diabetic patient can enjoy life as an ideally healthy person.

Special foods for Diabetes Patients

Diet control is one of the efficient ways to control the diabetes. Most of the food found in nature which have hypoglycemic effects on the human body and they also helps in reducing complications of the diabetes. There is a list of special foods which are beneficial to the diabetic patients.

Complications of uncontrolled Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease and it is managed by controlling the sugar level within the normal range. If any person suffering for diabetes is not taking treatment and managing diet properly, he is more susceptible for occurrence of severe complications due increased blood sugar level. There may be acute as well as chronic complications of the diabetes

Best way to cure your Diabetes

In this article you will get the best remedy to control your diabetes, if you are a diabetic patient then this article will surely help you to control diabetes problem. In this article there is a remedy of use of bitter melon (Karela ) in diabetes problem.

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