100 facts on diabetes

This article will help you to get info on diabetes and its 100 facts, you can get 100 facts on diabetes, what is diabetes, howmany types of diabetes are there, what are the main reason for diabetes, how diabetes affects other, how to avoid diabetes, tips for preventing diabetes. Do's and Dont's for diabetes,Health and fitness for diabetes, natural cure for diabetes.

Hundred facts on Diabetes

You can get hundreds of facts on diabetes from the below, the area of concern on our health is blood sugar level, diabetes has to ensure to follow up with the specialist, diabetes has to make sure that blood sugar level doesn't increase more nor decrease very low that harms one.

  1. Diabetes usually comes from one's heredity, diabetes even can occur to those who have no heredity links

  2. Diabetes is Greek word – its meaning is Siphon that refers to abundant of urine of uncontrolled diabetes.

  3. Sweet or Honey also refers to diabetes

  4. Excessive having food and excessive sleeping can cause of Diabetes

  5. Abnormal consumption of liquors causes of diabetes

  6. Diabetes, one of the fastest growing across globe

  7. Insulin was discovered during 1921

  8. Prior to the discovery of insulin, specialist would often keep their patients on starvation diets, patients eat only foods such as oatmeal

  9. Several mixtures in physical that could pass the urine that runs too often

  10. Majority of them are diabetes type 2

  11. Insulin was found from the Latin insula = island

  12. Pancreas (pan = all + kreas = flesh) and diabetes link discovered by Oskar Minkowski (1858-1919)

  13. Greek physician Aretaeus who practiced in the 1st century (A.D.) He stated that diabetes was caused by snakebite

  14. Type 2 diabetes is more common than Type 1 diabetes

  15. A 16 year old girl with diabetes died in Pennsylvania due to carelessness on her medicine by her parents

  16. Diabetes occurs due to rapid increases in overweight and physical inactivity

  17. Project of Diabetes death increase more than 50% in next 10 years and more than 80% death projected in upper-middle income countries

  18. Diabetes is the sixth leading cause of death in the USA

  19. Type 1 diabetes occurs due to a lack of insulin production in physical

  20. Type 2 diabetes occurs due to the body's ineffective use of insulin

  21. Men with diabetes are under risk for erectile dysfunction (ED)

  22. Previously it was very rare that Type 2 diabetes occurs for children - now it is increasing worldwide

  23. Individuals who are physically fat in shape are at higher risk for diabetes than slim body shapes

  24. As per study, white children have a higher risk on getting Type 1 diabetes than children of other races.

  25. Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes varies greatly from country to country

  26. Teenager girls with Type 1 diabetes may be at a greater risk of developing eating disorders

  27. Most of the children and teenager has Type 2 Diabetes

  28. Diabetes is the main cause of blindness in individuals across globe

  29. Early detection and treatment can prevent eyes, skin, kidneys and other human parts from diabetes disease

  30. Gestational diabetes is called third type or Type 3 diabetes

  31. Third type diabetes occurs by raised blood sugar, hyperglycemia, which is first found during pregnancy

  32. Diabetes discovered in horses, ground squirrels and Elephants

  33. Diabetes discovered in dolphins, jackal and hippopotamus

  34. In atmosphere where animals are liberally fed, diabetes can occur to them

  35. If someone's blood glucose goes beyond the limit or too high, then he or she can get sick

  36. WHO Report says that 1.1 million people died from diabetes in 2005

  37. Most of the heart disease or kidney disease death is wrongly described instead of diabetes death

  38. Insufficient access to health service may lead to blindness or kidney failure

  39. Famous personality or well known stars with diabetes embarrassed dead with toughest physical situation, few of them physical parts amputated on live due to diabetes

  40. Diabetes can be prevented if one can spend just 30 minutes a day for intensity physical activity

  41. Healthy diet can gradually reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes

  42. Hypoglycemia is called low blood glucose and it can also put you in problem

  43. Spanish omelet dish provides a healthy array of vegetables and can be used for breakfast, mealtime, or dinner with salad items

  44. Regular walking is useful in all aspects, it gives various health benefits, it helps to prevent diabetes or improvement from diabetes

  45. Insulin helps you to control diabetes

  46. An estimated 80 million Americans currently have pre-diabetes

  47. Diabetes are possible to develop themselves with tarsal tunnel syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome

  48. Individuals who have inborn other genetic disorders are also at risk of developing diabetes

  49. Diabetics have a greater risk of bone and tooth loss

  50. Pharmacist companies are also trying on an insulin tablet that can be given under the tongue instead of injection

  51. Diabetes is considered as “Silent killer disease"

  52. As per survey, India is the ‘diabetes capital' of the world

  53. In medical term, Hyderabad city is also called diabetic capital of India

  54. Diabetes is the main cause of kidney failure in the world

  55. Men have a greater risk of death due to diabetes than women

  56. Diabetes mellitus is a common name that covers several types of diabetes, counting Type 1, Type 2, gestational

  57. Insulin play vital role such as regulating glucose metabolism, functioning amino acid within the cells, Stimulating Lipogenesis and decreasing the breakdown of lipid

  58. Good diabetes care includes following the ABCs of diabetes - as calculated by the A1C test, blood pressure, and cholesterol—it is a help to avoid having a heart attack, kidney failure, stroke, or other problems

  59. In medical term, MODY is called for Maturity Onset Diabetes in the Young

  60. LADA is known as Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adulthood

  61. All types of diabetes have similar issues such as the inability to self-regulate levels of blood glucose (cellular fuel) in the body

  62. Water diabetes (Diabetes insipidus) condition is different from diabetes mellitus

  63. Medical research reported that babies who breastfeed at least three months had a lower incidence of Type 1 diabetes

  64. Australia spent $3 billion per annum for Type 2 diabetes

  65. Good for all is that having foods that are high in fiber and low in saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, salt (sodium), and added sugars

  66. Smoking will increase diabetes risk by increasing blood pressure, toning blood vessels and motivating the release of catecholamines (fight hormones), which helps insulin resistance

  67. Currently, there are four types of diabetes self-care equipment such as Syringe and vial, Insulin pen, Jet injector and Insulin pump

  68. Insulin can be stored at room temperature where cool and dark place, Insulin can be stored at refrigerator too

  69. Insulin shouldn't be stored at high temperature, exposed to sunlight and frozen

  70. Jet Injector helps Insulin to vapor on penetrate the skin

  71. United States spent $200 billion per annum for diabetes alone which includes everything pertaining to diabetes service

  72. SMBG is called ‘Self monitoring of Blood Glucose level

  73. Insulin in the earlier stage extorted from the pancreas of a pig or cow

  74. Someone dies in every ten second across globe due to diabetes

  75. 3.5 million people suffer and died per annum due to diabetes

  76. Blood sugar (glucose) is the main fuel that the body uses to produce energy

  77. Insulin ( a hormone from pancreas), helps maintain manageable blood sugar levels

  78. Increase in concentration of blood sugar (glucose) leads to a condition called "diabetic coma" or hyperglycemia

  79. Diabetes is responsible for over one million amputations each year

  80. Diabetes is a silent disease where you can fight it based on success of treatment on how well you keep your blood sugar controlled

  81. Diabetes can be controlled in a initial stage or pre-diabetes stage if one consume a healthy meal plan accordingly

  82. Type 2 diabetes can remain hidden for many years and the diagnosis is made from related difficulties or incidentally found when abnormal blood or urine glucose test

  83. Leonard Thompson, a 14 year old boy founded to be the first human had diabetes to receive insulin in 1924

  84. Eli Lilly company was well known for first to make insulin offered commercially

  85. Vitamin D helps to reduce the risk of diabetes

  86. People suffer with lack of financial support as well as diabetes, they hardly get prescribed based on their disease depends on other alternate solution such as social insurance policies of their countries

  87. As per report, at least two people develop diabetes per 10 seconds globally

  88. Renal failure is the most high percentage with diabetes who dies early

  89. Many people unhappy when they came to know that they are the first diabetes in their family to be diagnosed

  90. Yoga exercise is one of the best practice to eliminate various disease including diabetes

  91. Expert tries to use the chemicals released from mesenchymal cells in stem cells to produce cells that produce insulin, once insulin is balance in physical, then have no issue to worry

  92. When blood sugar is out of control then it affects the whole metabolism of the human body that result harmful

  93. Sugar-free and fat free diet helps for high blood glucose individual from risk of producing diabetes

  94. Daily walking for a long distance may helps to reduce the risk of diabetes

  95. Stem cell treatment will help in the future for diabetes or congenital

  96. Diabetes is a silent disease which slowly affects all the organ and it may affect organ systems too if left neglected

  97. Pancreas malfunctioning in physical is one of the main reason to produce diabetes

  98. Diabetes indication: hunger and losing weight along with passing of large volumes of urine

  99. Type 2 diabetes are non-insulin dependent, their wounds will take a long time to cure, Type 2 diabetes become due to physical inactivity, overweight, food intake of high carbohydrate related

  100. Cinnamon and fenugreek seeds that reduces sugar level markedly and this is the natural cure for diabetes


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