Curing Type 2 diabetes, not through drugs but through diet – Two research findings

It is believed that Type 2 diabetes can only be controlled by administering drugs, the disease will get worse and eventually insulin injections would be the option. Two research studies have demonstrated that the condition can be reversed not through drugs but through diet, bringing a drastic change in the understanding of the disease.

What is Type 2 Diabetes?

It is a condition where pancreas is not producing enough insulin to break down glucose in blood. Also in some cases a resistance is developed which prevents insulin to process the glucose in blood in spite of having requisite amount of insulin. A large majority of people diagnosed with diabetes are having Type 2 condition and their number is believed to be increasing throughout the world. This condition of the body is considered to be lifelong and it can be controlled by administering drugs. Eventually it may worsen, necessitating insulin injections daily. It can have adverse effects on human body causing blindness or shortening life.

Research study I:

The study was conducted at New Castle University in the United Kingdom. Eleven persons suffering from Type 2 diabetes were the subjects for this study. The subjects were kept on an extremely low calorie diet, comprising diet drinks and non-starchy vegetables, producing only 600 calories a day for a period of two months. After a period of three months it was found that seven of them were free from diabetes.

The change in a short period of two months is remarkable and it is likely to change the understanding of this condition radically. The low calorie diet was found instrumental in removing the fat around the pancreas the clogging of which prevents making insulin. It was also observed that the pre-breakfast blood sugar levels of the subjects returned to normal just after one week of being on low calorie diet.


The Guardian (June 24, 2011)

Research Study II:

This study was conducted at Medical Centre of Leiden University in the Netherland. The study focussed the cardiac function and pericardial fat of patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes. In this study 15 subjects (7 males and 8 females) were kept on a special diet consisting of only 500 calories per day for a period of four months. Their body mass index (BMI) was also recorded, both at the start and end of the study, to find out the changes.
It was observed that by maintaining a low calorie diet for just four months these patients were free from the diabetic condition and no more needed insulin for saving their lives. Also it was observed that the level of fat built around their hearts had reduced substantially which improved their cardiac functions.


The Hindustan Times (December 1, 2011)


The results of both the research studies demonstrate that only by controlling diet and without administering any medicine it could be possible to control diabetes. These diet related interventions in lifestyle can prove quite powerful and have long term effects on people suffering from Type 2 diabetes. These findings show the potential of low calorie diet in revolutionising the treatment of this condition.


Changing over to low calorie diet is not an easy task and should only be done under medical supervision.


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