Control your diabetic symptoms by managing your diet

Diet always play a key role in diabetic management. Diabetes can be controlled easily just by diet control.Diabetic diet control primarily includes intake of low calorie food. Diet of a diabetic person can't be fixed as it depends upon calorie burning capacity of the individual. So, it depends upon daily activities of the diabetic person.

Diabetic Diet is very important for diabetic patients because it helps in controlling the sugar levels in the body. Diet for diabetics can be taken along with insulin or the hypoglycemic drugs which are taken orally. These diets can be taken even without these medications. Diabetic diets basically aim to provide nutrition to the body without increasing the sugar levels in order to control diabetes. These diets also help in maintain the weight and reducing it if necessary. These diets are planned according to the physical and medical condition of the patients. The diet plan is different for all patients according to their age, height, sex, lifestyle, weight and their diabetic condition. The dietitian considers other factors like the cholesterol and blood pressure level of the patient.

Diabetic diet is planned according to the number of calories and other components like proteins, fats and fiber, required by a person. The intake of carbohydrates is regulated through diabetic recipes so as to control diabetes, the rise in sugar level due to release of glucose from carbohydrates. The food items rich in carbohydrates are compensated by other elements and only required amount of carbohydrate is given in diet for diabetics. This is known as exchange meal plan and it helps in regulating the type and quantity of food that we eat. It also helps in fixing the time and frequency for eating food.

Diabetic diets cannot remain same for a patient over a period of time and they need to be changed. Similarly these diets are different for all patients. There are certain basic things which apply to diet for diabetes control universally and the patients must adhere to them to stay healthy and keep our blood sugar controlled.

  • Include diabetic recipes which are rich in fiber so that you can get at least1.4 oz of fiber per day through these recipes.

  • Take 4-5 small meals rather than 2 or 3 heavy meals.

  • Eat whole grain diabetic recipes instead of fast food or bakery products.

  • Make a point not to eat anything at least 2 hours before your bedtime especially carbohydrates.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables can replace carbohydrates in your food.

  • Best Diabetes recipes

    Whatever you eat gives you some calories and most of the food items that we eat, contain some amount of carbohydrates. Even proteins and fats eventually get converted to glucose. This is why if you are diabetic you must take special care of your diet and watch what you eat so that your blood sugar levels remain in control. This does not mean that you need to forget the tasty food that you ate. There are so many diabetic recipes that can be included in the diabetic diet which are not only healthy but equally tasteful.

    Lean chicken, skimmed milk, low glycolic food items, non-starchy vegetables and fruits rich in fiber can be part of a diet for diabetics and you can eat the best diabetes recipes made from these products. Your dietitian may also advise you to reduce the use saturated fats. a balanced and healthy diet has been found very effective in controlling blood sugar levels.

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