Treat your diabetes at home by diet control and exercise

Diabetes is a life style disease which can be easily controlled by exercise and diet control. Blood glucose level can be put within the normal range by these ways. Exercise helps in burning calories and also induces sensitivity of the cells for insulin hormone.

People suffering from diabetes are responsible for taking care of them so that they can control the level of blood sugar levels. The most basic thing that diabetic people need to do is to monitor the glucose level in the blood with glucometer a few times daily. These monitors are easily available in the market. If you see symptoms of diabetes in you then you can buy one of these monitors and check your sugar level.

These monitors help in monitoring the effects of the medications and insulin therapy that you may be taking for reducing the sugar levels. For controlling all the symptoms of diabetes the patients must adopt the special diabetes diet which is very effective in controlling weight and sugar levels. You can take the help of different websites which have great recipes for diabetic patients. These are very tasty and healthy and you can include them in your diabetic diet after consulting your dietician. You can also find various support groups for patients who have started seeing symptoms of diabetes. Such patients can get lot of diabetes information from these groups.

Apart from taking diabetic diet you can exercise at least 3 times in a week. This improves your overall health apart from controlling you weight and it enhances the effect of medications and insulin on your body. For reducing the signs on diabetes on your skin, legs and feet you need to take special care of them because these are affected by the damage of blood vessels and nerves in the legs. Diabetic patients can develop dry skin and infection in feet and legs which may evolve into serious stage called gangrene. In severe cases the leg may have to be cut off to save the body form infection. This is why the patients must see these signs of diabetes on their skin so that they can be controlled on time.

High blood sugar and improper oral and dental hygiene lead to gum infections like periodontitis and gingivitis. It may also lead to tooth decay and other oral infections. Regular and proper brushing of teeth at least twice a day, flossing and regular visits to dentists can help diabetic patients in staying away from all dental and oral problems.

Diabetes affects eyesight and blood vessels in the eyes and in case your blood sugar level remains high for long period then you may develop diabetic retinopathy. High sugar levels weaken the retina and blood vessels at the back of eyes. This may lead to leakage of fluid or blood into retina. Diabetic patients must visit a doctor for their eye checkup so that they do not see signs of diabetes in the form of any trouble to eyes or eyesight.

Diabetic patients should watch the sugar level

Diabetic person is responsible for taking good care of him and control his sugar levels. Apart from adopting diabetic diet a person suffering from diabetes must follow the given points religiously.

  • Monitor blood sugar level daily with a glucometer.

  • Take Insulin injections and prescribed medications as directed by the doctor.

  • Control weight by exercising regularly and eat balanced and healthy diet preferably, diabetic diet
  • Adopting a skin and foot care routine and remain observant for signs of diabetes.

  • Maintaining good oral and dental hygiene.

  • Visiting dentist and eye doctor regularly.

  • If you can follow these things then you can lead a healthy and trouble free life and live with diabetes very easily and comfortably but this needs lot of commitment from you. Taking good care of you can control your sugar level and improve your overall health.

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