What is Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder caused due to hypo-secretion of insulin or decreased sensitivity of the cells towards insulin. This diseases is characterized by general weakness, polydipsia, polyphagia, polyurea and hyperglycaemia.

Most of the people know that in Diabetic patients the blood sugar level is increased and the person suffering from it cannot eat sweets. Yes, this is right but this is just very superficial knowledge about diabetes. What is diabetes? Well, it is basically a metabolism disorder when the body stops producing enough insulin to move glucose into the cells. When the glucose is not moved into the cells its level starts rising in the blood and this stage is known as diabetes.

When we eat food it is digested and converted into energy which is used by our body for growth and proper function of the body. Most of the food is broken down into glucose and this glucose is moved into the cells by insulin and this is used by the cells to function and multiply. Insulin is produced in pancreas and when pancreas stop producing it the glucose is not consumed by the cells and its level keeps in rising in the blood.

The most common diabetes is diabetes mellitus and this disease weakens a person because the glucose is released out of the body through urine and the cells do not get enough glucose required for their normal functioning and growth. There are three types of diabetes. In type 1diabetes the body of the Diabetic patient does not produce any amount of Insulin. In type 2, insulin is produced but not in enough quantity as required for normal functioning. Gestational Diabetes is the diabetes that is developed in the pregnant women just during that phase.

Almost 50% of the type 2 diabetes patients remain undiagnosed because they do not show any symptoms of diabetes. If a person is regular about routine medical checkups then rise in his blood sugar level can be diagnosed. If it is not diagnosed for years the patient may develop complications related to diabetes. This is why if you fall in the high risk category, you must get yourself checked for diabetes at frequent intervals.

One can be in high risk category for type2 diabetes if you are overweight and if your lifestyle does not have much physical activity. People who are aged above 35, people taking steroids, people with family history of diabetes and people who have hypertension have high risk of type2 diabetes. Women, who had gestational diabetes or if the weight of their baby at the time of birth was more than 4.5 kilograms, are also at the risk of becoming diabetic.

Mind your diet and keep your sugar normal

Type 1and 2 diabetes have no cure and the person has to live with it throughout his life. Regular dose of insulin is given to the patients throughout their lives. Diabetic patients have to notice their signs of diabetes and take special care. Diabetic patients have to make lot of changes in their daily life and in their eating habits. Eating right is very important and this covers what you eat and how you eat. Your diet must be complete and you can eat until you feel full but your diet must be rich in fiber and should have less carbohydrate. You can switch to diabetic diet forever so that you can lead a healthy life.

Diabetic patients must lose the excess weight and increase physical activity in their routine. A person with diabetes has to be responsible for his own care else he can develop many other health problems like hypoglycemia, cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure, gangrene and retinal damage. Daily monitoring of the blood sugar level and regular medical checkups become essential for diabetic patients. If you can follow the advice of your doctor then you can live with diabetes all your life but in a healthy and happy manner.

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Special foods for Diabetes Patients

Diet control is one of the efficient ways to control the diabetes. Most of the food found in nature which have hypoglycemic effects on the human body and they also helps in reducing complications of the diabetes. There is a list of special foods which are beneficial to the diabetic patients.

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Diabetes is a life style disease which can be easily controlled by exercise and diet control. Blood glucose level can be put within the normal range by these ways. Exercise helps in burning calories and also induces sensitivity of the cells for insulin hormone.

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Taking care of Diabetes everyday

As diabetes is characterized by high blood sugar level, it is very necessary to control sugar level of blood for a person living with diabetes. This can be easily done by controlling diet, taking insulin, diabetic pills and exercise. With the help of above, a diabetic patient can enjoy life as an ideally healthy person.

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