Salient features of diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a diseases characterized by certain specific signs and symptoms like excessive thirst, hunger, frequent urination and marked loss of weight with generalized weakness in the body. But all above symptoms are clinically significant when there is rise in blood glucose (hyperglycaemia)is also present.

At times diabetes is diagnosed at a very late stage and this makes it very difficult to control it. If symptoms diabetes are known and observed then the disease can be diagnosed easily. As we know that there are basically two types of diabetes type 1 and type 2. The symptoms of both these diseases are similar and both are characterized by increased level of sugar in blood. In both types of diabetes the insulin is either produced in less quantity or no insulin is produced at all. This leads to insufficient supply of energy to the cells and this is reflected through various symptoms including weakness and various health problems.

Some of the symptoms diabetes are very commonly known and it includes increased feeling of fatigue. This is a well understood symptom. As we know that due to lack of insulin the movement of glucose into the cells is stopped and the cells stop getting energy for their normal function. This affects the overall energy of the body and the person feels tired and exhausted very quickly after doing any physical activity. Sells are not able to metabolize glucose and this is why fat is metabolized for getting energy and this needs more energy and it makes the person feel tired.

Polydipsia is a state which is recognized by increased thirst. Increased level of sugar in blood directs the brain to decrease the concentration and this makes the diabetic person feel thirstier than a normal person and he feels like drinking more water.
Diabetic person feels the urge to urinate more frequently which is also known as polyurea. This happens so because the body wants to get rid of the extra sugar in the body. This is a very important indication and if you see a person urinating frequently than others then it is better to get him diagnosed for sugar level.

Another significant symptom is polyphagia increased hunger. When the sugar level in the body is increased the body tries to produce more insulin and this makes person feel hungry. This is known as polyphegia. If diabetes is not diagnosed for a long period then the high sugar level affects all parts of the body and affects the blood vessels badly. This overall feeling of being unwell makes a person feel irritated and uneasy. The immune system is suppressed and you can see a diabetic person becoming prone to infections. Skin infections and infection in the urinary tract are very common for diabetics. This is a very prompt symptom of diabetes.

How Diabetes affects the immunity

High blood sugar level hampers the growth and production of WBCs (White blood cells) and we know that WBCs have a major role to play in healing and fighting infection. This is why the wounds take long time to get healed. If a person has been diabetic for a long period then his blood vessels are thickened and this affects blood flow to all parts of the body. This also delays wound healing. This is a symptom known to most of the people and if you see that a would s taking a lot of time to get healed then diagnosis for blood sugar level becomes must.

Diabetes is a common disease and its symptoms are very clear. If the sugar level of a person has increased he should automatically see the changes in his body and overall health. After you know about symptoms diabetes, you can easily keep a close eye on your health and body and notice all or any signal given to you by your body. You must consult your doctor and get his consultation. You need to be cautious and more observant in case you fall in the high risk group.


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