History and various types of Diabetes

In this article I have discussed a small history of the diabetes as this is a very serious problem in today's world. In this you will get the exact definition of diabetes and its various types. I have also written about the working of pancreas if a person is affected from diabetes. This article will surely help the diabetic patients to understand what exactly diabetes is and how they will cure them.

Definition and History of Diabetes

Diabetes is nothing but a serious diseases which is threatening all over the world. Every year millions of people died just because of Diabetes. The most basic problem of person having diabetes is lack of knowledge about Diabetes and finally this lack of knowledge results in death. If we talk about the leading cause of deaths in all over Asian countries and India is on the third number from the top. From these statically collected data we can say Diabetes is the most dangerous diseases. I am not telling its not having any cure like Aids but lack of awareness about this diabetes is the main thing why people think diabetes is not having any cure. There are different types of cure methods of Diabetes like natural remedies to cure diabetes, medical treatments, homeopathic treatments but what method of treatment is best for you is,depends upon the type of Diabetes you are having and how your body respond to these treatments. Now without wasting time let me clear you what exactly Diabetes is. Diabetes is also called 'Madhumah' in Asian countries.

Definition of Diabetes

The scientific name of Diabetes is Diabetes mellitus. If a person is affected from Diabetes then the metabolism of that particular person is affected. Many of you might be thinking what is metabolism now. We eat food daily to get some energy to work or for any other activities. The food what we eat is first breakdown into glucose. Glucose is also a type of sugar present in the Blood. We all know a human body composed of many small cells which are the smallest unit of life and to repair and to produce more cells to make a proper growth of your body then Glucose is very much necessary for that. Human body cannot take glucose individually to each cell. To make a proper growth of your body parts we need glucose to enter out body cells but Glucose cannot enter inside human body without Insulin[ Insulin is a special hormone produced by the Pancreas.

Now the main question arise is how to produce Insulin to make Glucose to enter inside the body cells. After having our food, it goes into stomach where Insulin automatically produced by the Pancreas in proportion to the amount of food we eat. Insulin helps glucose from blood to enter inside cells and lowers to sugar level in body.

If a person is suffering from Diabetes, it means the Glucose produced or available inside the blood is very high and pancreas not be able to produce that amount of Insulin to make this Glucose to enter inside a cell. There are mainly 3 condition arises why a person is suffering from Diabetes.

  1. Body is producing less amount of Insulin to make glucose to enter into the cells.

  2. In some cases there are some chances that no Insulin is getting produced by the Pancreas.

  3. Produced insulin is not be able to make glucose to enter inside the cells.

All the above three ways makes the blood glucose to start storing more and more Glucose inside blood. As there is less or no insulin produced by the pancreas, this excess glucose moved out from the body in the form of urine so as a result no energy is produced or transferred into body cells necessary for body growth and recovering of damaged body cells.

The main problem for the Diabetic patient is that the energy which is needed for the working of human body is wasted. As Glucose cannot be absorbed by the cells due to less formation of Insulin.


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