Top 5 symptoms of Diabetes

In this article you will get five major symptoms of Diabetes, you can predict with the help of these symptoms that a particular person is affected by Diabetes or not. The main thing about this article is that every point is described clearly.

What are the Symptoms of Diabetes?

A diabetic patient is having many symptoms from which you can easily get an idea whether a person is suffering from Diabetes or not. In this article I will discuss about the various symptoms of Diabetes. As we all know every 6th person is suffering from Diabetes if we talk about the Diabetes, the first thing which come in most of the minds that having excessive sugar causes Diabetes. Lets without wasting time let me tell you the facts from which you can predict whether a person is having a diabetic problem or not.

  • Immunity power starts loosing its strength: Immunity power is the only thing which protects out body from the outer attacks of bacteria and Viruses. If you are a young boy and getting fever in regular intervals or any other problem like cold, if you are getting these problems in proper intervals it means the inner strength of the body is loosing its power or strength. Your immunity power helps your body to recover faster from any damage in the body. So if you are suffering from Diabetic problem then your body immunity power stops working problem and you will get affected by the diseases easily. Diabetic problem weakens the body restriction power.

  • Thirst increases: If you are living in a locality and noticing a guy having lots of water again and again, there might be a possibility that that boy is suffering from the Diabetic problem because a diabetic patient used to have frequent water because his metabolism is not working properly so his thirst increases upto 40% more. It is not always possible that if a person is having lots of water then he is having diabetes, many people used to have lots of water for making their skin good and maintaining a good metabolism cycle. Then in that case just move to other symptoms of Diabetes.

  • Feeling of Hunger every time: Feeling of hunger is also a possible symptom of diabetes. As I already told you that food breakdown into Glucose and then this Glucose is transferred to all other body cells with the help of Insulin produced by the pancreas for the proper growth of the body cells. If no glucose is entering in to body cells then there will be very less power supply to the cells so all the time body is struggling with the less power so it requires food again that's the reason why a diabetic patient always feels hunger all the time. Most of the Glucose carried out from the body in the form of urine so all the time there is a shortage of glucose in the body.

  • Frequent urination : Frequent urination is also a symptom of Diabetes. If a person is suffering from diabetes then he/she might be having a habit for frequent urination. This habit of frequent urination is just because of the most the body glucose is carried out from the body in the form of urine. Again and again production of glucose in a diabetic body is the main reason of frequent urination.

  • Wounds starts taking more time to heal: In a diabetic body a small wound will take more time to heal as compared to a wound of a healthy body not suffering from diabetes. Healing or recovering from any diseases or wound body needs strength and immunity power. This is the best way to predict whether a person is affected from diabetes or not.

There are 5 top symptoms of Diabetes. You can easily predict a person is having diabetes or not by just noticing the behavior and activities of a person.


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