Best way to cure your Diabetes

In this article you will get the best remedy to control your diabetes, if you are a diabetic patient then this article will surely help you to control diabetes problem. In this article there is a remedy of use of bitter melon (Karela ) in diabetes problem.

Remedy for Diabeties

There are lots of people are getting affected by Diabetes on monthly basis. There are many remedies to help or cure diabetes. As Diabetes is the problem in which the blood Glucose levels increased in the diabetic body so all the treatments for diabetes should be able to lower the glucose level of the body. In this article I will discuss about the best home remedy to remove diabetes.

Now let us discuss about the very effective vegetable for diabetic patients, it is not other than Bitter Melon or Karela. As we all know bitter melon is very bitter in taste and many people not be able to have this most beneficial vegetable. There are lots of other benefits of having bitter melon but the most renowned and the famous use of bitter melon is in treating the diabetic problem of a patient. Bitter melon is also having other medicinal properties like purifying the infected blood and making the skin free from allergies and other infections.

How to use Bitter melon as a remedy for Diabetes

  • Take 5 fresh bitter melons or buy it from the local market.

  • Wash them properly and grind it in a mixer after removing its rough part and seeds.

  • Now just take fresh juice from the grinder bitter melon and pour it in a Glass.

  • Now add some artificial flavors to remove its bitter taste. If you can have the bitter melon juice alone then no need to add anything in that.

  • Drink all the juice, which is poured in the glass.

  • Consume a glass of fresh water after having this juice of bitter melon because bitter melon is very bitter in taste you can vomit and all our hard work will be wasted.

  • Drink this bitter melon juice thrice a day and repeat the process for at least 3 months.

  • Bitter melon juice will surely help you to control your Diabetes by controlling the glucose of the body.

Advantages of having bitter melon juice

As I already explained you that how to control your diabetes by having bitter melon juice but there are also some more advantages of using bitter melon in our daily life.

There are many advantages of having bitter melon juice and some of them are listed below.
  • It works as an excellent appetizer for your body and helps your stomach for the breakdown of food.

  • Having bitter melon also helps your pimples to heal completely as bitter melon is very bitter in taste and also a very good blood purifier. Pimples occur due to the impure blood available in the body.

  • It also helps in healing wounds as bitter melon is having antibacterial elements.

  • Asthama is also treated with bitter melon leaves, by having the tea of bitter melon leaves.

  • This will help a female in an abnormal menstrual cycle.

Disadvantages of having bitter melon juice

Having lots of bitter melon juice also leads to some disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages are listed below. It is not preferable to have lots of bitter melon juice in our daily life if you are not having any problem like diabetes. Consume only lesser amount of bitter melon juice for treating your pimples.
  • Excessive consumption leads to many problems like breathing problem, lungs pain.

  • It also cause allergies if not used in proper manner.

  • The main disadvantage of bitter melon juice is that it causes Diarrhea.

These are few disadvantages of having lots of Karela or bitter melon juice. From this article you can now easily control your diabetic problem with this bitter melon juice. So consume bitter melon juice in proper quantity to stop its disadvantage.

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