Taking care of Diabetes everyday

As diabetes is characterized by high blood sugar level, it is very necessary to control sugar level of blood for a person living with diabetes. This can be easily done by controlling diet, taking insulin, diabetic pills and exercise. With the help of above, a diabetic patient can enjoy life as an ideally healthy person.

It is essential for diabetic patients to keep the blood sugar under control. For this they need to east healthy and balanced diet, exercise regularly, take medications on time and test the sugar level daily. It is very easy to include these habits in our life. You can ask your doctor and get consultation from dietician and they can help you in leading a healthy life.

Eating healthy food- A good way to control diabetes

With the help of dietician you can select food items which are low in carbohydrates, salt and fats and which can help in lowering down the sugar level. Eating right is as important as eating in the right quantity.

Diabetic patients do not need any special food to eat but they need to eat wisely to control diabetes.There is optimum weight for every person according to his height and age. You must keep your weight close to the optimum weight. This will save you from many other heart diseases. Diabetes control related to blood vessels and the sugar level must be controlled.
If you talk to your dietician about the food preferences of your family then they can plan your diet accordingly but in any case stick to high fiber diet and include lot of fruits and vegetables.

Precautions while taking insulin is very important for diabetes control

People who are on insulin for diabetes control must take the shot before eating and they must not change the quantity of food and the time of eating. Skipping meals has bad impact on diabetic patients and if you skip meal then do not take insulin shot else the blood sugar level may get lowered.

Diabetics who do not use insulin must be very strict with their diet plan. If you take pills for diabetes then you must not skip meals because it may drop the level of sugar and when you skip a meal you tend to overeat in the next meal which is must be avoided strictly. It is better to take frequent and small meals instead of eating just once or twice.

Regular Exercise is another important step to control diabetes

Exercise is very important for diabetics. You can control diabetes by choosing any form of exercise like swimming, walking, dancing or taking up a sport like badminton or tennis. Engage yourself physically by working in your garden or cleaning the house because these activities also consume lot of calories. Choose an exercise you can stick to that.

Exercise help in keeping the weight down and is very good for lungs and heart. It makes you feel energetic and improves the effect of insulin on lowering the sugar level. However, before choosing any exercise you must consult your doctor because there are many exercises which are not allowed under certain health conditions like high blood pressure, heart problems and eye problems. Remember, there cannot be a fixed fitness regime for all; it has to be personalized for everyone according to the health conditions and age of the person.

Exercise must be done regularly for at least 45 minutes and three times a week to control diabetes. Begin slowly and increase the time and frequency of exercise slowly. Diabetic patientss should measure their sugar level before they start exercising. If their blood sugar level is lesser than 100-120 then they should drink a fruit juice or milk before exercising so that the sugar levels are maintained.

If your blood sugar level is low then you must carry snacks so that you can eat them when you feel low on energy. Diabetic patients must wear a tag or card mentioning your diabetic status. This is helpful in case of any emergency.

Regular exercise is very helpful in diabetes control as well as in making you fit and healthy. Exercise is the best way to lose weight which is again very important for diabetic patients.

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