Study finds high Cholesterol and Animal fat diet increases Gestational Diabetes risk

According to the researches based on Harvard University and National Institute of Health, it has been found that women consuming a diet rich in cholesterol and animal fat are at the higher risk of developing gestational diabetes. As a consequence, the pregnancy complications and newborn health problems increases.

Gestational diabetes is a kind of diabetes that occurs in pregnant women whose body is prone to high blood sugar. During pregnancy, some women suffer from diabetes and the condition is known as gestational diabetes. The fats and carbohydrates absorbed by your body gets digested by the stomach and intestine and is converted into sugar, after that it flows through the blood supplying energy to your body. To control the blood sugar level pancreas secrete insulin hormone to convert the sugar into energy. During pregnancy, there is high demand of insulin. Gestational diabetes occur in five percent of total pregnant women or two million per year.

Test required to check gestational diabetes symptoms

  • Oral glucose tolerance test- You need to fast for four to eight hours, then your sugar level is measured, you are given a sugar drink, and again your blood sugar level is measured.

  • Doctor measures blood sugar level after giving sugar drink. Checking is done one hour after you consume the sugar drink; this test also measures your tolerance power towards sugar.

  • Gestational diabetes occurs when a pregnant women consumes high amount of:
  • Animal fat

  • Cholesterol

  • Gestational diabetes increases the complications during pregnancy, and health problems prevail. Women whose diet consisted of high animal fat and cholesterol than the women, who consumed small animal fat and cholesterol during pregnancy, had a higher risk of this type of diabetes. A research says that the diabetes caused by excessive intake of animal fat and cholesterol is not dependent on other factors; they are wholly dependent on measures of intake of these two compounds. One example of this is, a women who used to exercise daily and take high measures of animal fat and cholesterol as compared to women who took a small amount of animal fat and cholesterol are more prone to gestational diabetes, so this clearly proves you should take the required amount of animal fat and cholesterol during pregnancy.

    Great researches on gestational diabetes and ways to prevent them

  • A research by Cuilin Zhang, senior author of the Epidemiology Branch at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), found that a woman who reduces the total intake of animal fat and cholesterol during pregnancy may reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.

  • Pregnant women who change their diet from high animal fat and cholesterol to plant derived nutrients had reduced risk or no risk of diabetes.

  • The agriculture based website, U.S. Department of Agriculture, "ChooseMyPlate", give preventive measures on decreasing the risk of diabetes in adults and children, a proper diet information is provided for the well-being. This site also gives a vast deal of information on dietary habits that should be adopted by pregnant women & breast feeding women.

  • The research was conducted by Katherine Bowers with colleagues of NICHD, Dr. Zhang, Edwina Yeung, Deirdre K. Tobias, Frank B. Hu, of Harvard University, in Boston; they said women who consumed small animal fat and cholesterol had lower risk of gestational diabetes.

  • "National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases" also conducted many researches on diabetes, in this research about 13,000 women participated aged 22 to 45 years, in every two years their health and life-style was checked, according to their kind of food consumption the studies were being held.

  • Six percent of the women were vulnerable to gestational diabetes. It was seen that they consumed high measures of animal fat and cholesterol. Intake of this kind of food increases the risk of gestational diabetes. The diabetic symptoms were visible on these women.

    Therefore, after looking into the results of these researches we can conclude that pregnant women should take minimum animal fat and cholesterol to prevent the risk of gestational diabetes.

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