How to control diabetes in elderly people

Treating diabetes in elderly patients is always been a problem for the doctors as well as for the family members. It requires many factors including lifestyle change to have a check on the diabetes symptoms and changing a lifestyle is not so easy for the aged people. However, if other family members will motivate them with care and some useful tips are followed then it becomes quite easy to live a healthy life at old age also. Let us have a look to these tips.

It is easy to manage diabetes if it takes place at early stages of life, but it becomes extremely difficult to control diabetes at older ages. If an aged is prone to diabetes then he has to change his life style, this is one of the biggest stone towards curing diabetes, changing a lifestyle after it has been followed throughout the life. It takes a long time to check diabetes as in elderly ages secretion of hormones reduces and the body becomes more susceptible to diseases if proper care is not taken. High glucose level in blood produces adverse conditions for body like high blood pressure, heart problems, eye problems, circulatory disorders.

Some tips to control diabetes in elderly

As said with every problem, there is a solution, there had been many ways to control diabetes, what you have to do is follow the diabetes management plan and strictly adopt in your life, some of the helpful tips are given below-

Walk your life to control diabetes

- You should pick the habit of walking as it is the best exercise, it helps in body mobility and burns calories and stored fat. Going for a hard gym session, once a week can be dangerous for your health, especially to elderly people.

Choose your exercise

- There are many diabetes specialist exercises, consult your doctor and practice those exercise daily, remember never over exert yourself.

A substandard size shoes are a foe to diabetes

- You ought to chose proper sized shoes, because if there is any cut by the shoes, or any such accidents happens, the infected area starts a chain reaction with existing diabetes, this has long term effect on this chronic disease.

Maintain a healthy weight to control diabetes

- Every week go for a weight check-up, it is truly necessary to maintain an ideal weight, consult your doctor and practice appropriately.

Meals for three times are good for controlling diabetes

- Eat three times a day and in the proper ratio, avoid oils, animal fats and cholesterol in your food, eats nuts, leafy vegetables, fatless dairy products.

Diabetes is sweet

- You shall always carry some sweet edibles with you, like raisins, soda, toffees, fruit juice, but these should be taken in limited amounts, excessive intake can cause a problem.

Snap off the fat from the diet to control diabetes

- Try to avoid fatty things like pastries, fried foods, stews. Use low fat oil or vegetable oil rather than using butter and margarine.

Do not be a chain drinker

- If you are addicted towards drinking habit, leave it, consuming one glass on a daily basis will not harm you much but over dose will accelerate the diabetes rate in your body. Whiskey is most preferred during diabetes as it is sugar free, it is recommended that you should consult your doctor before having any drink.

Nutty vegetables are your best friend in controlling diabetes

- A diabetic patient should eat nuts and green leafy vegetables, fruits are healthy to eat. Grill the vegetables and sprinkle some spices, vinegar or lemon juice. Strawberries and bananas are best in diabetes.

Eat whole-wheat

- Eat a lot of grains and whole-wheat grains, eat carbohydrates rich foods. Maintain distance from food containing starch and fried chips.

Be a fact lover to control diabetes

- Find, research and gather resources for the best defending ways for diabetes.

Do not develop diabetic vision

- Diabetes is the leading reason for blindness between the age 25 years to 74 years. Therefore, particular attention should be there to protect your eyes. Diabetic retinopathy affects the blood vessels of the retina. You should go for routine tests and be stick on your medication and daily food and exercises.

Carry insulin injection for emergency

- If you are type 1 diabetic patient then you should always keep an insulin injection with you, you should train your friends and family members how to use the injection on you in case of emergency. If you are on a long journey, then you should carry a pack of insulin injection.

Wear bracelet to control diabetes

- Always wear medic alert bracelet, it prevents you from going into a diabetic coma.

These are some of the ways by, which elderly can handle the diabetes symptoms. However, it is equally essential for friends and family members to take utmost care and have a concern with the aged people for keeping a positive diabetes management.

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