Natural Cure For Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic hormonal disease which can be controlled with the help of certain naturally occurring substances. They are simply natural herbs which can either reduce blood sugar level or reduce risk of diabetes or increase sensitivity of the cells for insulin. So, a person can live easily with diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease which can be controlled and a person can live a normal life with controlled diabetes. There are many ways to cure diabetes naturally. There are some food items that can be included in the diet which can cure and control diabetes.

Among all the natural cures for diabetes, weight control is very important. Overweight people have high risk of diabetes and if they are already diabetic then exercising is very important for them. In fact it is the first step towards controlling diabetes. Apart from exercise and weight control we also need to keep a close watch on our lifestyle and the food we eat.

Type 1 diabetes targets people below the age of 25 years and is rarer than type2. Type 2 diabetes is normally seen in people above the age of 40 and is more common. As the cause of both these types of diabetes is different the ways to cure them also differ slightly.

Type2 diabetes mainly occurs due to overweight body and sedentary lifestyle. This is why diabetic patient of type2 diabetes can easily get control over his diabetes by taking a natural course. Type2 diabetic can easily cure diabetes naturally. There is no cure for diabetes but it can definitely be controlled to a great extent.

Natural cures for diabetes type 2

Patients, who want natural cure for diabetes, must go on plant-based diet because it has 3 benefits. First of all plant based diet is rich in fiber and it improves metabolism and digestion. Fiber controls blood sugar as it is low in carbohydrates and fats. Secondly, it controls weight by reducing the intake of carbohydrates and fats. Plant based diet controls weight as well. Plant based food is rich in antioxidants. These reduce the risk of diabetes as well as improve the ability of the body to use insulin.

You can also get antioxidants from the spices and herbs used in our day to day cooking. A study has proved that people who take more magnesium have lower risk of diabetes. This is why on must include nuts, dark green leafy vegetables, whole grains and avocados in the diet. Cinnamon, karela, Methi, jamun and other such fruits, vegetables and herbs have been found to be very effective in controlling and curing diabetes.

There are certain elements which are very effective in controlling diabetes type2. Zinc, Ginseng, Chromium, magnesium, Alovera gel, cinnamon etc have been found to be very effective in controlling blood sugar.

Natural cures for diabetes type 1

Diabetes type1 is caused when the body produces either no insulin or the insulin which is not fully functional. The cause for this type is not really known but as this strikes at early age the person needs to control it immediately. Here are some of the natural ways to control type1 diabetes.
Mix 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and add salt to taste. This must be taken before your main meals.
Flaxseed oil is also very effective in controlling diabetes.
You can use Alfa-Alfa seeds with your food. Use the seeds with your meals and simply sprinkle them on whatever you eat.
Use cinnamon. It can be taken in tea or coffee and also with your main meals.
Include whole grains in your diet.

Though the cause of both these type of diabetes is different, their results are similar and this why natural cures of diabetes type1 and type2 are almost same. The diets aim to reduce the sugar level and the exercises keep the weight down and improve the overall health.


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