Some myths and facts about Diabetes

As the diabetes is the most prevalent disease, it is necessary to educate ourselves with the right facts about it. If we will arm ourselves with the right information, then only we can help our children to control the disease. However, internet has a lot of information, but it is not always correct, so here are some facts that will help you in combating the diabetes disease.

Diabetes is a most common disease of the new world. Millions of people are affected by this insidious condition around the world. There are many controversies about the word 'Diabetes', such as, if it is an infectious disease, over consumption of sugar causes diabetes and many more. Diabetes is a genetic disease i.e.; if you have any family history of diabetes you may inherit it and insulin is the hormone that cures diabetes as it helps in maintaining the blood glucose level. To combat this disease it is certainly much crucial to have the exact information about Diabetes.
There are various myths and facts related to Diabetes, one must have thorough information to distinguish between the myths and facts.

Some common Myths & Facts related to Diabetes

Myth: Over eating of sugar results in diabetes
Fact: The fact is diabetes is not caused by eating lots of sugar.
However, type-1 diabetes prevails when insulin producing cells are destroyed in the pancreas; and this process is independent of consumption of sugar.
  • Type-2 Diabetes results from inability of the body to respond to insulin in a usual manner. It can be controlled by exercise and following diet changes. An average person can have sweets in a limited amount.

  • Myth: Diabetes is an infectious disease.
    Fact: Diabetes is not contagious.
    Diabetes is endocrinal disease caused by the malfunctioning of the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. Research says that may be some of the environmental viruses trigger Type-1 diabetes, but the most of the people carry inherent genes to make them pre-disposed to the disease.

    Myth: A Diabetic can never consume sugar.
    Fact: A Diabetic can have sugar but in a limited amount.
    Limited number of sugary food is required as part of regular, balanced diet, along with this you need to regulate proper amount of carbohydrates entering in to your body.
    A diabetic can have sugar by following a healthy diet, exercise regime, and meditation.

    Myth: A Diabetic kid can never eat sugar.
    Fact: Diabetic children can have sugar in a limited quantity.
    There is a need to control total carbohydrates in a balanced diet chart. Except adding the calories sweets have no nutritional value, so it should be limited in quantity rather than eliminating it.

    Myth: You do not have to visit doctor regularly if you feel well and normal.
    Fact: Diabetes is a serious case if not taken proper care.
    Diabetes symptoms do not show up always due to high blood sugar or low blood sugar, therefore, routine checkup is necessary to know your blood sugar level.
  • Effected person has to consume right amount of nutrients and less fatty food. Timely meal and regular exercise are essential. Daily checkup is necessary to get a correct record of your blood sugar level.

  • Myth: Diabetes is self-treated in case of kids.
    Fact: kids do not over-grow Diabetes.
    In type-1 Diabetes, kids have to take insulin (until they are cured) as here; pancreatic cells that produces insulin are destroyed and cannot produce insulin again.
  • Type-2 diabetes has a chance to improve their blood sugar level if regular exercise is done and proper, balanced diet is taken.

  • Myth: People can have a perception about their blood sugar level.
    Fact: Some people may feel diabetes symptoms.
    There are some Diabetic patients who may feel some physical diabetes symptoms (such as weakness, extreme thirst, fatigue, and monotonous) if blood sugar level varies.
  • People, who do not go for regular check-up, may lead to serious condition, as it is known that diabetes is a chronic disease it has to be taken a lot of care.

  • Myth: All Diabetic patients need to take insulin.
    Fact: Only type-1 diabetes patients take insulin.
    Type-1 Diabetic patients should take insulin injection in a periodic manner as their pancreas stops functioning. Keeping this in mind some people may not need to take insulin injection, as they have sufficient insulin but the cells are not getting enough glucose for utilization. This condition can be treated by regular exercise and certain medications.

    Myth: Insulin cures Diabetes.
    Fact: Insulin regulates the amount of glucose in the cells.
    Insulin helps glucose to be dissolved out of the blood and to reach the cells where it can be utilized to provide energy throughout the body. It helps to maintain blood sugar level, but taking Insulin does not solve the problem of Diabetes forever.

    Myth: Intake of tablet is a way to take insulin and cure diabetes.
    Fact: There are no diabetes tablets.
    As insulin is a kind of protein, if insulin tablet is taken orally, it will get digest in the stomach, as the protein gets broken down during digestion, it is given through injection only. However, some research are going on taking the Insulin in the nose, through the mouth, or inhaling into the lungs. The tablets taken in diabetes are useful in making more insulin or the utilization of insulin in the better way.

    Myth: More Insulin means diabetes is getting worse.
    Fact: Actually, the amount of insulin taken depends upon the activity of the Pancreas.
    If pancreas is still active and can make some insulin then less insulin, is required, however, if the pancreas is not able to make any insulin or at extremely low levels then more insulin is injected for the proper functioning of the body.

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