Almond: A Hypoglycemic for Diabetes Mellitus Patients

To control the blood sugar level, diabetic patients have to be very selective in the food intake. They should prefer natural food which can reduce blood sugar level or those which releases sugar into the blood very slowly. Some natural foods are also helpful in inducing insulin sensitivity in the cells. Almond is one of the most preferable food for diabetic patents.

It is a nutty affair to good health. Current research has shown that nuts have many good benefits that can be helpful in managing diabetes. Almond in particular is very potent in treating diabetes. Almonds help in controlling the surge of glucose in human body after eating food that consists of refined carbohydrates. They help in improving insulin sensitivity. Including them in your diet does not lead to weight gain as they help to melt the fat.

Almonds Soften Blood Sugar Spikes

Food rich in refined carbohydrates result in craving as they slump the glucose level in the body. This leads to hunger pangs thus resulting in overeating. Metabolism, a health journal recently carried an article about a new research that found that almonds help in regulating blood sugar (glucose) levels even when a diet rich in refined carbohydrates is taken.
Before you find yourself munching your favorite snacks in Subway, just keep in mind that it will take 60 nuts (3 ounces) to undo the effects of your favorite snack. Therefore, it is better to stay avoid food rich carbohydrates. By incorporating fruits along with almonds in your diet, you can ensure that you can plan a sensible diet that helps you regulate your glucose level.

Almonds Crack Insulin Sensitivity

Sometimes cells do not let insulin push in more glucose into them. This condition is known as insulin resistance . More insulin is required to do the job that puts extra burden on pancreas. Journal of the American college of nutrition published a study in 2010 about the benefits of almonds in improving insulin resistance. The study revealed that almonds could help the cells respond better to insulin. This helps the body need less insulin thus relieving pancreas from extra work.

In a study done by doctors, a group of 65 patients was divided into two. The control group was kept on a diet low in carbohydrates without almonds. The intervention group was kept on same diet and included almonds that contributed to 20% extra calories. After a period, it was found that the intervention group showed significant improvement in insulin levels. The group also showed improvement in beta cell functions. The study lead to the conclusion that almonds could help in preventing Type II diabetes and cut down the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

Munch almonds to melt away fat

Nuts are rich in fat but they do not result in weight-gain. In fact, they help in reducing weight. International Journal of Obesity published a study that mentioned that people who included almonds in their low carbohydrate diet plan were able to decrease their weight by 11%. They were also able to trim waistlines by 9%. Among the group, 96% people were able to control Type I diabetes without needing any medicines. In Spain, a study on 8,865 people revealed that people who ate nuts twice a week were 31% less likely to put on weight than those who did not.

Trust Your Gut When You Crave Nuts

A moderate indulgence in almonds will do no harm. Almonds can also be stored for a long a time without being spoiled. (A spoilt nut can be identified by its pale yellow color and rancid taste.) You can refrigerate almonds (or any nut) to increase their longevity.

If you have fragile teeth, you can soak almonds to make them soft. (Nuts retain their crispiness even after soaking so you can still enjoy eating them.) Soak the nuts in jarful of water and keep it in a fridge for 12-24 hours. Take them out and soak them in fresh water for few hours. So, almond is always beneficial food in controlling blood sugar diabetes mellitus.


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