Exercises and Yoga help in Controlling of Blood Sugar in Diabetes Mellitus Patients

Exercise and yoga play very significant role in treatment of Diabetes mellitus. Mild exercise increases sensitivity of the cells towards insulin which induces intake of glucose by the cells. Yoga helps in making nervous system calm and also helps in maintaining hormonal system. Both yoga and exercise also help in burning calories.

One of the oldest diseases is Diabetes almost equal to age of civilization. Its occurrence is depicted from Greek & Roman Medical Texts and ancient India. Sushruta & Charaka both the Indian Ayurvedacharyas have noticed some facts regarding people suffering from this typical disease that is their urine contained levels of sugar as proved by attraction of ants. Hence, it was given the name Madhu Meha (Honey Urine). Aretaeus, Greek Physician gave diabetes mellitus as the modern name as it meant Siphon in Greek Language. It behaved like siphon by meting flesh and limbs in human urine.

Our digestive tract decomposes carbohydrates, fat and protein with the help of enzymes. Sugar content in food is cut down to glucose by body. Body as fuel to perform daily activities utilizes glucose since it flows through blood stream. Hormone helping glucose to enter inside of cells is Insulin. It results in body by beta cells, which are specialized cells found in lslets from langerhans in the pancreas. Insulin is adjusted based on glucose level by help of healthy pancreas. This process fails in case of diabetes mellitus as sugar levels start rising.

The most popular and severe disease in entire world is diabetes several reports prove that close to five percent of the entire world's population are suffering from different categories of this dreadful disease. Stats say that in Europe only the figure crosses 12 million for diabetic patients. Alarming isn't it?

Plenty of people have infection from Non Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) accounted as genetic disease. Doctors recommend this disease as Type 2 Diabetes. The main causes of this disease are inactive lifestyle, nutritional imbalances and obesity.

Yoga is beneficial in controlling blood sugar level

Practice Yoga on regular basis to cure diabetes permanently. All the doctors of the World recommend this practice of Yoga for diabetics. Exercises suggested for Yoga of Diabetics are different from the one used in health Yoga. Customized form of Yoga exercises helping in Diabetes are relaxation exercises, meditation and stretching exercises.

In case you are having any doubts regarding effectiveness of Yoga then you will have changes in your thoughts by going through following news. Yoga Biomedical Trust and Indian Yoga Research Organization have recently conducted a joint study. Dr. Robin Monro famous Biochemist is the founder of Yoga Biomedical Trust.

Session of two to three days conducted on weekly basis for ½ hour allowed teaching of Yoga to diabetes patients. Further, all the patients attending practice sessions continued the process on home. These exercises were bows, spinal twist and breathing. This process ran for almost twelve weeks and after that, tests were conducted sugar levels dropped down significantly. While the blood levels remained constant for the people violating these Yoga sessions. Conclusion of this activity tells 30 minutes of daily Yoga practice is beneficial in case of patients looking for reduction of sugar levels in blood.

Several other exercises can help diabetic patients in cure of the problem but yoga allows reduction of stress and can account for removal of tension from the minds of diabetes patients. In some cases, it is observed that patients have left doing yoga by getting bore of exercising. However, the key lies in regular practicing in order to have better advantage. Another problem accounted in cases of diabetes is related to money as for learning and performing sessions of Yoga money is required. Therapy packages are expensive but cost of exercise sessions is low. Stress Hormones account for increment of sugar level inside the body. Attributes like relaxation and mind stabilization plays crucial role in reduction of glucose level inside the body in diabetic patients.


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It's really very important information for me as a diabetic patent.
Would you pls inform me which item of Yoga specially help to control diabetic.

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