Foods rich in Fat which are supportive for Diabetes Patients

Intake of fat leads to obesity. Those people who have tendency to get obese are more susceptible to develop diabetes mellitus in comparison to normal people. But intake of good fat which is rich in omega fatty acids are beneficial as they are needed to maintain proper functioning of our nervous and hormonal system.

Doctors and health gurus do not agree regarding effectivity of all types of saturated fats, although everyone supports monounsaturated fats called MUFAs accounting as one of the best fats for consumption. MUFAs accompany saturated fat and are present in meat and different animal products but they are based on plants. These fats are stable and do not perform oxidization. MUFA oils account for reversing of insulin resistance along with the type 2 Diabetes and account for rising of the HDL levels and lowering of LDL cholesterol. Given below are some of the foods that carry high concentrations of MUFAs.

Few fatty foods which are excellent for Diabetic patients

  • Entire set of Avocado consists of rich fat like double cheeseburger but in form of MUFAs that are supportive and beneficial for health. If you add half Avocado in your diet, it will not rise levels of blood sugar or kick your insulin response. Moreover, fat content present in Avocado will counter your hunger more than carbohydrates. These fats are excellent when used as salads, which can account for dressing with vinegar and olive oil rich in MUFA. For more advantage, take it directly from peel.

  • MUFA comprises fifty percent of fat in chocolate. Dark chocolate is helpful in protection of heart by lowering the blood pressure as they contain rich amount of anti-oxidants and also induces insulin sensitivity. For better affectivity, select dark chocolate with more than 70 percent cocoa.

  • Mediterranean diet comprise of heart-healthy oil MUFA. Several studies suggests that Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) helps in prevention of cardiovascular system, reversing of insulin resistance with type 2 diabetes and inhibits inflammation.

  • MUFA is the natural oil used with them. Daily intake of peanut butter reduces chances of type 2 diabetes by twenty one percent. Moreover, several other studies reveal that taking small amount of nuts would lower the chances of heart attack by 35 percent

  • Another important and crucial healing fat for diabetes mellitus

    Entire series of Omega-3 Fatty acids is helpful for health and come under PUFA. It is most graceful healing fat in case of cardiovascular system, glucose metabolism and brain. If you intake omega-3-rich seafood (preferably oily kind of fish, like wild-caught Atlantic mackerel, Alaskan salmon, sardines and anchovies) in servings twice a week it can control the heart attack risk by 36 percent. When purchasing all the above fish varieties be sure that they are cans or in frozen state. Reputable brands like Vital Choice possess BPA-free, canned fish and high quality. Omega fatty acids keep our nervous system on track and also helps in reducing blood sugar level in diabetic patients.

    Good Fat is always helpful in Diabetes mellitus

    Use good fats to control sugar levels in blood and controlling of weight in diabetic patients. These include saturated fats present in oils, animal products and coconut … polyunsaturated fats present in certain nuts and seafood … and monounsaturated fats available in dark chocolate, olive oil, nuts, various seeds and avocados.

    Fats that are occur in Polyunsaturated Vegetable Oils (PUFA) are called Bad fats, (like canola oil, soybean oil, safflower oil and corn oil) along with trans fats (recognized as "Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil" on respective food labels). They are unhygienic as they are formed with toxic chemicals and undergo process of refining by heavy heat. They cause obesity which is leading cause of diabetes mellitus. Their instability corresponds with their molecular structure so they oxidize quickly and easily. When similar thing happens inside the body free radicals in enormous amount are generated that can lead to damaging of tissues along with causing of inflammation. PUFAs account for triggering of diseases based on arteries and can even result in cancer.


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