What is Prediabetes?

In the course of development of every disease, there is a transition phase between health and disease. Such phase in case of diabetes is commonly known as prediabetes. Identification of the prediabetes is important in order to spot the disease in its initial stage and control this before the its complete appearance. A prediabetic can revert to normal if proper care is done.

It is the transition state between healthy person and diabetic person. It includes initial stage of diabetes and commonly known as borderline diabetes or chemical diabetes or touch of diabetes. The term Prediabetic was use by US health department for the first time in March 2002. This is not actually a diseased condition rather this term is used in order to develop awareness about the developing Diabetes in future. Prediabetic people are motivated to follow strict diet guideline for controlling diabetes. ADA data reveals that 17 million US people are diabetic and 16 millions are prediabetic. ADA definition for the prediabetes is, "Prediabetes is a stage before diabetes with increased risk to develop diabetes but with normal glucose tolerance".

The glucose level is not so high so that it can be considered as Diabetes type 2 but little higher than normal glucose level. As per report of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 41 million US citizen between the age of 40 to 74 years are Prediabetic. Report of American Academy of Padiatrics also reveals that one out of 10 males and one out 25 females aged between 12 to 19 years are prediabetic.

Diabetes is very well known disease with variety of causes. Nobody can say the exact cause of this disease as it is cumulative effect of many factors like genetic, environmental, dietary and lifestyle. These factors always favor the development of the diabetes. This disease is very common in developed economies in comparison to poor economy countries. High calorie intake and less expenditure is the direct cause of diabetes as it leads to increase in blood sugar level but genetic, environmental and life style factors induces high blood glucose. If a person ha family history of diabetes mellitus, then he or she is more susceptible to become diabetic in comparison to those people with non-diabetic parents.

Another aspect I would like to discus is the obesity. Obese persons are more likely to develop diabetes in comparison to normal weight people or people with normal BMI. So prediabetes is common in people with those people who have family history of diabetes or they are obese. Us and other developed countries are more susceptible as their life style and dietary habit favor the development of diabetes. But Indian people are genetically prone to develop diabetes. The environmental condition of India also favors this.

Sign and Symptoms of Prediabetes

Prediabetes takes significant time to convert into diabetes. It is always wise to identify the prediabetic condition and change the life style and follow diet control guidelines to check the development of diabetes. It is fifty-fifty chances for prediabetic to develop diabetes or revert to the normal condition. People suffering from diabetes may show somewhat similar symptoms like diabetic. Those symptoms are as follow:

  • Excessive thirst

  • Excess Hunger

  • Frequent Urination

  • Tingling sensations in feet and fingers

  • Frequent infections Skin itching

  • Irritability

  • Blurred vision

  • Risk factors

    People with greater risk to develop Prediabetes are having following conditions:

  • Being overweight

  • Obesity

  • With low waist hip ratio

  • Stress

  • Depression

  • People with more weight are susceptible for diabetes but many other conditions may persist in the body which cause increase in weight like hypothyroidism commonly occurs in females and in India it more common. This fact shows that obesity may be caused due many other factors and some of them may leads to diabetes.

    Sensitivity towards insulin in the somatic cells is decreased due to obesity and this leads to general weakness and hyperglycemia, the primary symptoms of diabetes. Stress, depression and other psychiatric condition leads to malfunctioning of pancreas and also decreases insulin sensitivity of the cells. So, all these factors play important role in development of diabetes. So it is always advised to reduce these factors in order to win the battle with Diabetes.

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