All that you need to know about Diabetes

Living with the diabetes is very easy if you are aware of all information related to this metabolic disorder. This disease is gradually become very common in the modern human society mainly because of the life style and diet mismanagement. Here all possible information are stated in this article.

Insulin is one of the most important hormones that keep a control over the sugar level in our body. It also converts the sugar and the food we consume into energy instantaneously. The condition of diabetes is rectified when there is a decreased or negligible production of insulin in our body. The actual cause of diabetes is still not known. Diabetes mellitus occurs due to genetic and other external factors. According to recent reports, around seven percent of the Americans including children are victims of this disease.

Types of diabetes mellitus

There are mainly four kinds of Diabetes: Type 1, Type 2, Gestational Diabetes and lastly pre –diabetes. The type 1 diabetes is common amongst children and also amongst adults below 30 years of age. It is also named as juvenile diabetes. In this condition the insulin production in the body is almost negligible. Type 2 diabetes is one of the most prevalent forms of diabetes .In this kind; the insulin manufactured by the body is not sufficient or not accepted by the cells. In this condition, the initial thing which occurs in our body is that the cells do not have sufficient energy and the person becomes diabetic later on. This disease may affect other parts of your body as the kidneys, heart, the nervous system and your vision also.

In the third condition of diabetes, pregnant women are affected by the disease. It usually occurs in the later period of pregnancy. This diabetic condition has to be dealt with properly as the sibling may also be affected with it. The last condition of pre-diabetes is not diabetic but during this condition, the blood glucose level becomes much higher than the normal level. Thus a person can be affected by diabetes.

How to diagnose the Diabetes mellitus

These days undergoing two preliminary tests Fasting Plasma Glucose Test (FPGT) and the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) are used to determine whether a person is diabetic or not. Both these teats provide accurate results. The FPGT is moreover, preferred as it is easy and does not become a burden on your pocket as well.

Diabetes management

Diabetes is a disease which has to handle with care. One should not fear, if he is suffering from diabetes as a disciplined lifestyle can control your diabetic condition. Today each and every person should be aware of the basic facts about diabetes as this disease is affecting almost numerous people the world over. According the Centre for control of Diseases, Diabetes has been defined as a combination of malfunctions which lead to the improper and abnormal functioning of the body as the glucose level in your blood rises sharply. Thus prior and an early diagnosis of this disease is essential as it may lead to additional health problems if a person is a victim of diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus may occur at any age of life

It has been seen that Americans of almost each and every age group are suffering from diabetes Experts are of the opinion that this problem has occurred as people are not taking a balanced diet. They are more dependent on a fatty and unhealthy diet as junk food which ultimately leads to problems as obesity and in turn this leads to diabetes and severe heart problems. Thus it has become necessary to follow to get education regarding diabetes to avoid complications in the near future. Managing your glucose level is an important criterion to be taken care of with patients suffering from diabetes. A protein rich diet and regular exercise are the chief points to be kept in mind by patients suffering from diabetes. Doctors are of the opinion that diabetes also affects the mental health of a person. The clear causes of degradation in mental health have not been known as yet.

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Treating diabetes in elderly patients is always been a problem for the doctors as well as for the family members. It requires many factors including lifestyle change to have a check on the diabetes symptoms and changing a lifestyle is not so easy for the aged people. However, if other family members will motivate them with care and some useful tips are followed then it becomes quite easy to live a healthy life at old age also. Let us have a look to these tips.

What are the causes of Diabetes?

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Diabetes symptoms of the dreaded disease often go undetected because people are unable to identify them. This article discusses all the diabetes symptoms in much detail. It becomes easier to control diabetes if symptoms are identified on time and reported to the doctor for proper analysis and treatment.

What are common causes of the Diabetes

As diabetes is a lifestyle disorder, it is caused by some of the factors around us in daily life. Diabetes is associated with the family history of diabetes,high calorie diet,sedentary life style, lack of physical exercise and diseases of pancreas. Age is also a very important factor in the development of the diabetes. Type I diabetes is more likely to occur in old people whereas young aged people are more susceptible for type II diabetes.

Best way to cure your Diabetes

In this article you will get the best remedy to control your diabetes, if you are a diabetic patient then this article will surely help you to control diabetes problem. In this article there is a remedy of use of bitter melon (Karela ) in diabetes problem.

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