Mental Health and Diabetes

Functioning of our body is controlled by brain. Both are inter-related to each other. Our organs improper functioning may lead to malfunctioning of our brain. Similarly, diabetes and our mental health are related to each other. As diabetes is a chronic and long lasting disease, it may lead to any kind of mental diseases like depression, dementia or many others.

Have you ever wondered that there is an association between the mental health of a person as well as the condition of diabetes mellitus? It has become evident that an increase in the stress level and a sedentary lifestyle may often lead to diabetes. A person suffering from diabetes may suffer from diseases like those of the heart and nervous disorders. He may also be prone to a sudden kidney failure and other problems related to eyes. It has been estimated that the adults who have been suffering from diabetes show a rapid decrease in their mental health as well than those who are not affected by this disease.

Research was conducted by renowned doctors over a group of people for a period of two to three weeks and their mental health was monitored. A decline in the mental condition was seen in people who were affected by diabetes comparable to those who were not affected by this disease. These people had to undergo several tests after regular time intervals. As the tests were conducted again and again, a decrease in the mental health of the patients kept on continuing. Thus we can say that mental health and diabetes mellitus are correlated in some way or the other.

Alzheimer's disease and Diabetes mellitus

Scientists all over the world are of the opinion that reasons for such a sharp decrease in the mental condition of the people had taken place due to several reasons. The most important reason behind such a condition is that the blood vessels which perform the task of taking blood to the brain may get damaged due to diabetic condition. Thus lead to degradation in the mental health of an individual. Another reason for the same can be a side effect of the drugs taken to cure diabetes. It has been observed that these drugs often elevate the level of insulin, thus the amyloidal-beta protein level increases. This causes formation of "plaques" in the patient's body as seen in patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

The correct relation between diabetes and mental health has still not been established. But, a slight affect on the mental condition of the patients has been seen. Further researches will possibly throw light on this viewpoint. According to physicians, those suffering from diabetes often show an increased stress level and thus their mental state gets affected. Drugs also have an effect on the mind and may lead to hormonal imbalances, thus lowering the mental status of the individual. Thus a check on the mental status of the patients suffering from diabetes has to be kept from time to time.

Diabetes and mental health are linked together. A sedentary lifestyle and an increase in the overall body weight is though one of the major causes of diabetes. It has been observed if a person is facing a high stress level then his mental health is ultimately affected. During diabetes, retarded mental health was found in numerous patients during researches. The nervous system is affected during diabetes and this is the reason why the mental condition if the individual is affected.

The brain takes care of the mental health and controls the entire body. It has a straightaway impact on our body. The brain is the chief controller of the nervous system as well, and as it is said a health mind lives in a healthy body, when you are diabetic your mental health will be affected definetly.It has also been found that an unhealthy lifestyle which lacks regular exercise can lead to diabetes in the near future. As prevention is better than cure, it is better to take care of our health and keep a control over our body weight and dietary habits as well.

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