Diabetes mellitus- The Silent Epidemic!

The complications arising from diabetes can be successfully checked in time with yoga as well as alternative herbal treatment; therefore a diabetic person can also lead a healthy life. Natural herbs do miracles in controlling diabetes.

In today's fast paced life modern day diseases are slowly making their way into our lives. Hypertension, heart diseases and diabetes mellitus are a few of the common diseases which have struck the population worldwide in epidemic proportions. In 2012 nearly 346 million people are afflicted with diabetes out of which nearly 20 million are from the United States of America. This alarming rate of occurrence is enough to bring our perspective to reflect as to what is the reason behind these statistical figures.
Diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus or DM is caused because either a person's body is not able to produce insulin or if it does produce insulin the cells are not able to absorb it.

Normally, the sugar we eat is converted to glucose which circulates in the body to be absorbed into the cells. The cells then use it as a fuel to produce energy. Insulin plays a crucial role in helping the absorption of glucose into the cells. Insulin is basically a hormone which is produced by the pancreatic glands. Pancreas normally helps in adjusting the insulin level in the body according to the amount of sugar absorption required. Whenever this cycle is interrupted the blood sugar levels get hiked up causing diabetes.

Living with Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes can be of three types. In type 1, the body cannot produce insulin at all. In majorly afflicts children and therefore it is also known as 'juvenile diabetes'. In type 2, the body produces insulin but the cells are unable to absorb it. It generally occurs in adults after the age of 45 years. It is also called 'adult diabetes'. The third type of diabetes is called 'gestational diabetes'. This happens in pregnant women and generally gets cured after the delivery. 2-5 out of every 100 pregnant women are afflicted with gestational diabetes. However, gestational diabetes makes women susceptible to develop type 2 diabetes in future. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes can be treated with insulin which was developed in 1921.

High level of glucose in the body for a long time can lead to various complications in the body. Complications of diabetes can greatly affect the health of the diabetic patient. These complications can be divided into short term and long term complications. The short term effects include low blood sugar levels, ketocidosis and hyperosmolar syndrome. In the long term, the patient may develop heart disorders, kidney disorders, eye related disorders, high blood pressure, sexual as well as urological disorders. The patient may also suffer from neuropathy or nerve damage in the brain and also nerve damage in the stomach.

Type 1 diabetes can be treated with injecting the patient with insulin daily. Type 2 diabetes can be treated with making changes in the life style. Generally 95% cases of diabetes belong to type 2 category. It is brought upon by sedentary lifestyle, excess of weight, old age and to a certain extent due to genetic anomaly.

Natural cure of Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes can be treated with alternative cures also. The natural cure for diabetes includes herbal medicines which are quite effective in keeping the blood sugar in control. It is found that various herbs can be used to treat diabetes and thereby reduce the complications arising due to this disease. Fenugreek, cinnamon, black seed, olive oil are a few examples of herbs used for treating diabetes. Nearly 500 varieties of herbs are available for treating diabetes. Yoga and regular exercise helps in controlling blood sugar in diabetic patients. Yoga helps in proper secretion and absorption of insulin in the body, helps in reducing the body weight, keeps the blood pressure normal and relaxes the person mentally as well as physically.


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