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Top 5 symptoms of Diabetes

In this article you will get five major symptoms of Diabetes, you can predict with the help of these symptoms that a particular person is affected by Diabetes or not. The main thing about this article is that every point is described clearly.

Salient features of diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a diseases characterized by certain specific signs and symptoms like excessive thirst, hunger, frequent urination and marked loss of weight with generalized weakness in the body. But all above symptoms are clinically significant when there is rise in blood glucose (hyperglycaemia)is also present.

Identify Symptoms and Indications of Diabetes

Diabetes symptoms of the dreaded disease often go undetected because people are unable to identify them. This article discusses all the diabetes symptoms in much detail. It becomes easier to control diabetes if symptoms are identified on time and reported to the doctor for proper analysis and treatment.

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