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Mental Health and Diabetes

Functioning of our body is controlled by brain. Both are inter-related to each other. Our organs improper functioning may lead to malfunctioning of our brain. Similarly, diabetes and our mental health are related to each other. As diabetes is a chronic and long lasting disease, it may lead to any kind of mental diseases like depression, dementia or many others.

Natural treatment of Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy is one of the most common complications. It is caused due to long term hyperglycemia. In this condition, peripheral sensations are decreased due to degeneration of sensory neurons of the distal parts of the body like extremities.

Complications of uncontrolled Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease and it is managed by controlling the sugar level within the normal range. If any person suffering for diabetes is not taking treatment and managing diet properly, he is more susceptible for occurrence of severe complications due increased blood sugar level. There may be acute as well as chronic complications of the diabetes

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